Commercial Dishwasher Detergent is Not the Only Chemical You’ll Need

The essential aspect of every-day life of any business in the food service industry is keeping the dishes nice and clean. The level of cleanliness of your dishware can be crucial to your reputation – either it’s going to keep the customers coming back, or your reputation will crash as fast as the bad word spreads.

Being reckless about cleaning efforts won’t just cost you regular customers – it will get you in trouble with the government for not abiding by the law. The National Sanitation Federation (NSF) and local governments developed very strict sanitization guidelines when it comes to commercial dishwashers.

A commercial dishwasher must operate strongly and efficiently enough to remove all bacteria from dirty dishes, utensils and cookware and to sanitize the dishes. These sanitation regulations resulted in the development of two types of commercial dishwashers: High-Temperature & Low-Temperature.

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