Commercial Dishwasher Cleaning: The Ultimate Checklist

Yes, a commercial dishwasher is truly an amazing device. Bet you can’t even imagine hand-washing dishes at home anymore, let alone doing it in a busy commercial kitchen. Washing as much as 1,000 racks per day with cycles lasting under a minute and a half – pretty sure it’s impossible even for the biggest of the staffs to beat that!

Although an extraordinary machine, indeed, a commercial dishwasher is not some kind of sorcery. A dishwasher is a cleaning machine that makes your dish- and glassware sparkling clean on the outside and well sanitized on the inside.

However, the food debris, grease and other dishware impurities don’t just magically vanish. Some of it gets flushed away, but a significant amount gets stuck inside the dishwasher. Since you can’t get clean dishes out of a dirty dishwasher, regularly cleaning it is equally important for prolonging your dish machine’s life and having satisfactory cleaning results as providing regular service and maintenance.

When cleaning a commercial dishwasher, the smartest would be to follow manufacturer’s guidelines stated in the user manual, as only then you’ll be completely sure that you are doing everything right – from parts removal to using the correct dishwasher cleaner. There are, however, some general guidelines that can be applied to all commercial dishwasher types.

Before we proceed to the ultimate checklist for cleaning your commercial dishwasher, we through we should share a few important facts about your dishwasher that you should know before getting involved in the cleaning process.

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