Stemware Glass Racks

To convert the machine to a Wine Bottle Washer, the lower wash and rinse arms are easily removed and replaced with the (16) compartment Wine Bottle Rack.
CMA Hi-Temp Sanitizing Wine Bottle Washer Rack is great for washing and sanitizing all shapes and sizes of bottles. This concept is ideal for “Wine Bottles”. The racks are fitted with a spray manifold system that places a strategically positioned spray jet inside the neck of each bottle. This Wine Bottle Rack is designed for CMA’s 180UC Hi-temp Undercounter Dishmachines.
The standard Wine Bottle Washer Rack has (16) compartments, holding up to 4-1/2" diameter bottles; and a non-standard (9) compartment rack, accommodates up to 6" diameter bottles. The rack height is determined by the size of the bottle.